Section 1

room type: large chamber
exits: ahead, left, right
indicators: none

Somewhere in the darkness...

It is said in the lands of the Faeyen that in darkness can be found all the fears of Men. As you hesitate at the entrance to Traebor you can feel keenly the potent truth of those words. The dark maw that reaches into the weathered stone before you stands as a impressive entranceway to the Temple ruins, but it beckons as a silent and menacing threshold to the underworld that slumbers beneath, its shadowed interior laying patiently in wait for whomever may be foolhardy enough to enter.

For a moment you stand unmoving and consider what lies within. Somewhere beyond the darkness of this ruined archway can be found the Orncryst, and it is a prize you covet above all others. For more than a decade you have searched the temples and ruins of Arborell, your one goal the recovery of the Dragonclaw; and now you believe you have found it. Within the third subterranean level of this complex, situated in a chamber known as the River of Time it can be found. All you need is the courage to go look for it.

In the late afternoon haze you glance for one last time at the world above ground and then move towards the gaping arch. Above you towers the crumbled ruin of Temple Traebor, but to scale this great edifice is not your goal. It is the Deep Ruin that will be your challenge, a vast subterranean labyrinth that must be traversed if you are to find the Orncryst. At the threshold to the ruin you hesitate, listening carefully for any sign that danger lurks within the gloom. All you can hear is the bluster of a growing wind at your back, and the screeching of birds as they flock in the wetland that surrounds the temple. With your heart pounding in your chest you move purposefully into the shadows.

Some twenty metres down a long corridor you emerge into a large chamber. Once it must have been a ceremonial hall, a wide vaulted space capable of accommodating many hundreds, but now it lies ruined, its interior stripped of any decoration or artifice it might have once held. In the dim afternoon light that streams through the entranceway you can see that it is a desolate place, its stonework cracked and eroded, its tiled flooring barely visible beneath a blanket of dust and debris. You cannot linger here though. Before you opens three exits from this hall and if you are to begin your quest you must choose one of them.

Options: This chamber is as it seems and there is little that can be done but to move on. Choose an exit, then go to the Room Generation Table to discover where it leads.

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