Section 10

room type: turn in passageway, blocked
exits: right
indicators: search

A broken wall

At a turn in the passage you come to a halt. Across your path a fall of stone and dirt has partially blocked the way through. Annoyed by the need to pull away a good deal of debris to find a path forward you begin digging, and find quickly that the wall of the passage has collapsed outwards. There is something here though. In behind the debris is a small alcove, and even in the dim light you can see something glinting in the dark.

Options: If you wish you may make a Search roll. Whatever you find will be yours to keep. If you do not wish to search here, and have a shovel in your possession, then you may attempt to dig your way through. Test your strength attribute. If you are successful an attempt to clear the passage will prove successful as well. It will take a bit of time, and take two points from your endurance, but you will be able to move on. If you are not successful the fall of stone and earth is beyond your strength to overcome. You will need to turn around and find another way.

If you have no shovel the way ahead is blocked, the rock and filth too great an impediment to move from the passage with bare hands alone. If this is the case then you must turn around and find another way.

These options may be disregarded however, if the Player is in possession of a Force Stone. Such a talisman can be used to sweep away whatever lays before you but it comes at a cost. The Sharyah'ahrel will force a path but in the process destroy anything that might be found in making a Search roll. If you choose to use a Force Stone you will be unable to make any subsequent Search roll.

If you choose to use this talisman whisper its name and test your intuition attribute. If you are successful turn to section 189. If you are unsuccessful then it is not within the talisman's power to move the debris. In this case you must find another way.

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