Section 102

room type: long staircase
exits: ahead, left, right
indicators: none

A Long Descent

Carefully you take to the stairs, moving silently upon the worn stonework as you make your way ever deeper into the ruins. It is a lonely descent, one that delves relentlessly into the unknown reaches of Traebor but one you know you must make if you are to find the object of your long quest. About you the air thickens, the smells of decay and dessication becoming all the stronger, but you find the staircase to be well-made and it works its way straight as an arrow into the dark stone. Before long you come to a threshold, beyond which extends a medium-sized room. The chamber has no particular features though within its shadowed space you find three exits, one directly ahead, and one each at your left and right hands. There is nothing else here and for a moment you pause, considering which of the exits you should now take...

Options: It is your choice to make. There are three exits from this chamber. Choose one and then turn to your Room Generation tables to see where you must now go.

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