Section 14

room type: a large chamber
exits: left, right, ahead
indicators: modified, encounter

Darkness and danger

Out of the narrow confines of the passage you halt at the entrance to a huge vaulted hall. In the vast space that confronts you there is little that can be seen, but you can feel the presence of something waiting expectantly in the darkness. Carefully you ready your weapon and take a step into the echoing chamber. It is then that you come to a stop. This great hall will not be as easy to traverse as you might have hoped...

Options: The chamber before you has a modified environment and requires that you consult the Modifier List and determine what the conditions are that now confront you. Read carefully the directions given before deciding whether you should move forward or not. If you wish to progress any further into this chamber turn to the Encounter list and discover what it is that awaits you in the shadows.

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