Section 149

room type: long staircase
exits: ahead, left, right
indicators: none

A Path Long Neglected

Immediately you take to the stairs but it proves swiftly to be a dangerous way forward. Neglected for a time longer than can be reckoned in human memory you find the stairway a crumbling and unstable descent, fraught with loose footing and sliding stone, its walls and arched ceiling fractured surfaces that drip water and loose earth as you pass. Unable to move safely with any haste you slow your advance, content instead to negotiate a careful path around the rockfalls and loose scree that lay scattered upon the stairs. It is a frustrating and difficult descent, but one that comes to an end at the high arch of a doorway, and the wide threshold of a chamber beyond.

Carefully you survey the contents of the room but find nothing except dust and mats of dried plant roots that hang from the walls as rotting drapery. Of more interest is an exit in the wall ahead, and one each in the wall to your right and left. It is through these dark passages that you will find your way forward. The third level of Traebor awaits...

Options: It is your choice to make. There are three exits from this chamber. Choose one and then turn to your Room Generation tables to see where you must now go.

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