Section 15

room type: a long bridge
exits: ahead
indicators: encounter

The Long Bridge

(Draw once then remove from game)
In the ground ahead you can see a wide rift. It is a dark line of fractured earth, spanned by a long stone bridge that extends into the darkness before you. Carefully you approach the span and consider how safe it might be to cross. The bridge has not been built across the wide gap in the earth, rather it has been carved from the solid rock, and it appears as solid as the day it was first formed. The rift itself is deep, and as you peer over the edge of the chasm you know that the bridge can be your only path forward. For a moment you listen intently, sniffing at the air as you search for some sign of danger. You can sense nothing, but your gut feeling tells you that there is something in the shadows ahead...

Options: If you wish to make your way across the bridge make an Encounter roll and decide if the risk of combat is worth going this way. If you decide it will be best to retreat from this threat then you will have to find another way.

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