Section 16

room type: passage of broken ground
exits: ahead
indicators: none

A rift lies before you

(Draw only once then remove from game)
A short hallway extends out before you but you cannot continue any further. Coming to a halt you see in the gloom a wide rift that cuts across the hall and fractures the rock itself upon both walls. For a moment you consider whether there is some way to cross. The rift is six metres in width and descends far into the earth below.

Options: If you have a grapple and rope there is a chance that you can find a purchase in the rock overhead and swing across. If this is your choice you must test your agility attribute, but as you are using equipment to ease your passage you may add +1 to your agility attribute for the duration of this crossing. If you are successful you make it across and can continue on. If you are not successful you must then test your luck attribute. If you are lucky you swing out across the rift, but then arc backwards and land heavily on the side you started from. If you wish you can try to swing across again and the same rules will apply. If you are unlucky however, you fall into the rift and it is a fall you will not survive. If this is your fate then your quest ends here, and you will need to restart your adventure if you are to find the Orncryst.

If you have no grapple and rope, but believe you can simply jump the rift then you must take both an agility and strength test. If you pass both you make it across the gap and can continue. If you fail either of these tests you will fall to your death and it will be here that your quest will end. You will then need to look to another life to find success.

You can of course, not risk an attempt, and return back the way you came. It is your choice.

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