Section 17

room type: a large vaulted hall
exits: right
indicators: none

The Taal

(Draw once then remove from game.)
It is not long before you emerge into a large hall. Overhead you can see the roof disappearing into the darkness, its high vaults reaching beyond the power of your illumination. Carefully you inspect what you have found but there is no danger here. The chamber is empty except for a shrine at its far end, and it is unusual to say the least.

With no apparent danger at hand you move closer and find a high stepped platform, upon which stands a perfectly carved representation of a leaf-less tree, glistening white in the flickering of your torch. On both sides of the tree stand statues of the same white stone, Beings cloaked in heavy robes, praying silently at the altar. Such a shrine you have heard of, but have never seen yourself. It is a Taal, created by the ancient Trell for some purpose that is unknown to Men. It is said that if your stare at such a stone Tree for long enough it will begin to move, but you have no time to test such rumours. Quickly you adjust the pack on your shoulders and turn to the exit.

Options: There is only one other exit from this chamber and it extends from a dark archway in the wall at your right hand. If you wish to go forward this will be your only choice. Turn to your Room Generation Table and see where it leads. If you believe it prudent to find another way turn around and do so quickly.

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