Section 17b

room type: a large vaulted hall
exits: right
indicators: none

The Taal

(Draw once then remove from game.)
For a moment you stare into the dim recesses of this hall and realise that you have seen such a chamber before. At its end stands a Taal, a shrine of the ancient world, and at either side of its stepped platform there stands two high statues. Carefully you enter the open space and consider again the unknown purpose of such places, but there is something subtly different about this one. The statues are not engaged in a pose of prayer. These two stand alert, each with a weapon in hand, almost poised for a fight.

As there is little of interest here that might aid your quest, you see no reason to tarry any longer. Quickly you make for the other exit and once again disappear into darkness.

Options: There is only one other exit from this chamber and it extends from a dark archway in the wall at your right hand. If you wish to go forward this will be your only choice. Turn to your Room Generation Table and see where it leads. If you believe however, that it would be prudent to turn back and find another way, do so quickly.

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