Section 17c

room type: a large vaulted hall
exits: right
indicators: none

The Taal

(Draw once then remove from game.)
It is a curious thing that you should happen upon another of these strange shrines. You know that the object of your quest is close, but there is more to this Taal than you have previously encountered. The stone tree stands immense within the high vaulted hall, and unlike those that you have seen before the silent statues that guard this edifice glow with an inner light, illuminating the hall in dull shades of blue.

In the light of the statues the darkness falls back, and the true nature of the hall is revealed. Long and high, you can see pillars and arches that curve up into the heights overhead. Huge murals in carved stone cover all the walls, and the vaulted ceiling is an expanse of intricately cut pieces of green crystal that give the impression of a forest canopy reaching overhead. It is too dim to see exactly what story the murals tell, but more than one of the panels depicts the battles of a great war, one in which the faces of the combatants are hidden.

You do not have much time but you spend some of it watching the distant reflections of torchlight on the high forest canopy before turning to the other exit.

Options: Test your luck attribute. If you are successful turn to section 168 before continuing. If you do not succeed turn to section 186.

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