Section 19

room type: a large cavern
exits: ahead
indicators: modifier, encounter

One beast's lair

Out of the darkness you emerge into a large natural cavern. In the flickering light of your torch you discover an enormous space opening up before you, a vast cathedral of flowing coloured stone and glimmering crystal. For a few moments you search the boundaries of the chamber and see that there lies another exit at its furthest reach. Carefully you make your way forward but there is danger ahead, you can feel it in your bones.

Options: Turn to your Modifier list and determine if you wish to continue on. Consider also that danger lurks here as well, waiting for you to move closer. If you decide to traverse this great cavern in spite of its environment you must also make an Encounter roll. Whether you fight, or flee, will be your choice. If you survive all that can be found here turn to your Room Generation Tables and move on.

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