Section 21

The River of Time

room type: large chamber, home of the River of Time
exits: left, right
indicators: none

Special note: To find the River of Time on the third level of Traebor is your main objective if you are playing in Quest mode. If it is your intention to find the Orncryst turn to section 191. If you are playing in Free Play Mode conduct your adventure according to the text given below:

(Draw Once then remove from game)
There have been many rooms that you have delved in your career as a Dungeon Crawler but none have been as strange as this. Before you stands a wide chamber, providing exits on each side and one long wall that extends across the farthest side of the hall. Although the chamber is completely bare of artifice or design, the wall shimmers as if it is a river of crystal clear water rushing from edge to edge. Quietly you stand in the midst of the apparition and wonder what it could possibly be, and stare at the constantly changing surface of the surging liquid.

In the darkness you look into the wall and are drawn closer to it. As you approach you notice the light of your torch reflecting against the surface of the water, and in those reflections you begin to see images. At first they are indistinct, nothing but shadow and light melding in quick flashes, that trick your eyes and make you turn to see if anything is moving behind you. But then the images focus and you stand transfixed.

Before you the history of the world unfolds in a stream of image and sound. Without comprehending what you see the wall unleashes its gift. Great wars flash before you and monstrous beasts fill the wide expanse of the waters. You see empires rise and fall, great civilisations pull themselves from barbarism and then fall into dust. You see the struggles of the enemies of Man and the arrival of your own peoples in the world. But it does not end there.

Before you the future explodes in a tortured river of flowing images. Even greater empires rise before you, and within the tumult of war and decay you see strange devices, and to your amazement the most wondrous of flying machines, all flashing past your eyes in a numbing procession of rushing imagery.

It takes a conscious act of will to turn your eyes from the wall and edge away. Exhausted by the few seconds that the visions held you in their grasp you stagger towards the nearest exit and do not look back. Only in the dark of your chosen passage do you feel the effects of the flowing apparition pass from you.

Options: The River of Time is not an experience that should be encountered lightly nor for any extended period of time. Two exits are available, one at the left end of the chamber, the other at its right. Turn to the Room Generation Tables and determine where your chosen exit has taken you.

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