Section 23c

room type: passage with adjoining cells
exits: ahead
indicators: search

Dust and Clutter

Out of the darkness you stumble into a long corridor, its length bordered on both sides by a line of small alcoves. You have seen such chambers before and decide quickly to move on, but your way is barred by a clutter of furniture, personal belongings and long rolls of rotting tapestry. None of it should be here, all of it seems too recent to have been a part of the ancient purpose of this Temple. A quick look shows you that it is plunder, a collection of items from the outside world that have been thrown here and never returned for. In the shadows you can see little of value to your quest but it does block your way.

Options: If you wish to take the time to pull some of the clutter out of the way do so by making a strength test. If you are successful, you find the debris easy to pull aside. To your surprise there is more here than you expected. If you wish to search the scattered items you can make a Search roll, for there is a chance that within the debris you may find something of value. If you are unsuccessful in your strength test the debris proves too difficult to move and you will have to find another way forward.

If this is the case, or you would rather return back the way you have come anyway, then do that instead.

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