Section 24

room type: large chamber
exits: ahead, left, right
indicators: none

The Hall of Winds

(Draw once then remove from game)
From the shadows of a light-less corridor you peer across the threshold of a huge chamber. Within this cavernous hall you can see an open polished floor, and at each corner stands a tall statue, carved in glistening obsidian. For a moment you consider the possibility of danger here. The hall appears empty, and apart from the presence of the four crystalline statues there seems little reason to delay moving on. But still you cannot help but pause. The statues are beautiful pieces of ancient sculpture. Tall and black; they are robed figures, their heads obscured by large hoods, their arms outstretched as if in greeting. Yet there is something about them that gives you reason to hesitate. In the shadows you consider if you should traverse the chamber, or return down the passage and find another way.

Options: If you wish to take your chances here turn to section 197. If you would rather turn around and find another way then do that instead.

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