Section 28b

room type: small chamber
exits: none
indicators: encounter, search

A dead-end, literally.

Out of the dark corridor you emerge in to a small room with no other exit. In the gloom there is little that can be seen, but as you raise your torch above your head you sense movement in the shadows. Something is waiting for you.

Options: If you choose to enter this room turn to your Encounter list and decide if you wish to stay and fight, or retreat. If you decide to fight, and by some act of providence you are victorious then you may conduct a search if you wish. Whatever has called this place home has other secrets as well and they are here to be found if you are brave enough to look. This room is unfortunately a dead-end however, so whether you stay and fight, or decide instead to retreat, you have no choice but to turn from this place and find another way.

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