Section 28c

room type: small chamber
exits: none
indicators: encounter, search

A dead-end, literally.

Carefully you make your way forward. Ahead you can see an opening into a small chamber, but a noise draws you to a halt. In the confines of the passage you are not sure if the sound arose from ahead, or echoed from some other part of the temple. For a moment you wait, listening hard for any further noises and in the gloom of the passageway you hear it again. It is the sound of dirt moving, trickling down a slope as if dislodged by a careless footfall. It is definitely coming from the small chamber ahead.

With your weapon drawn you move to the room's threshold and peer into the darkness. The chamber is cluttered with piles of debris, and the remains of a collapsed wall that has heaped broken stone and dirt over a large wooden chest. In the shadows you can see that the weight of rock has crushed the chest and there is the glimmer of something within.

Options: If you wish to enter turn to your Encounter list and see whether there is indeed anything within the room. If there is, and it is a fight worth having to see what's in the chest, conduct the combat according to the combat resolution rules. If you win you may make a search and reveal what is there. If you lose then your quest ends here, and it will be to a latter life that you must look for better luck.

If you survive all that may be found here then you must return to your quest. The chamber is a dead-end and you have no option but to turn around and find another path. Consult your map and follow the rules regarding retracing your steps until you have found another way forward.

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