Section 29

room type: passage with intersection at left mid-point
exits: left, ahead
indicators: none

An intersection of ways

Before you extends a passage and the choice of two possible ways forward. In the gloom you come to a halt and take a moment to pause and think on what you should do. In the close confines of the corridor you can sense a chill in the air, and a heavy smell of decay that lingers upon everything about you. Noises seem muffled within the dank atmosphere, but you can hear the unmistakeable sounds of something ahead, moving in the shadows and beyond the reach of your flickering light. It would seem that you are not alone in this ancient delving though whatever might lay ahead chooses to keep its distance. Carefully you consider the passages that reach out into the stone about you and then move on.

Options: This passage provides two exits that you can take. Ahead the passage extends into shadow, and at its mid-point another passage reaches to the left. Choose the exit that you wish then consult the Room Generation Tables to see where it will take you.

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