Section 31b

room type: a short passage
exits: none
indicators: none

An unfinished hall

In the darkness you come to a solid wall of broken stone. It is impossible to tell if the passage has not been completed, or if it has been subject to a complete collapse of the rock above. Carefully you move to the edge of the debris and consider what you should do. As you ponder the chance that there may be some other secret way here you hear a low groaning sound emanating from the ceiling above you. In the light of your torch you see a large crack appear in the stone, followed quickly by a jagged web of smaller cracks spreading along the roof. Instinctively you turn on your heel and run, the roof collapsing behind you in great shudders of pounding stone.

Options: Test your agility attribute. If you are successful you make it out of the passage, covered in dust and sweat, but able to continue your quest. Turn to your map and find another way forward. If you fail this test then Fate has not been that kind. In this melee of falling stone you will have found a quick death beneath tonnes of rock. If this is the will of Providence then your quest is over and it will be to another life that you will need to look for better luck.

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