Section 31c

room type: a short passage
exits: none
indicators: none

An unfinished hall

The passage comes to an abrupt halt, and in the darkness you are confronted by a wall of broken stone and dry earth. Frustrated by the solid barrier of rock you turn to retrace your steps back down the corridor, but pause for a moment as you notice something unusual. In the gloom of the passage your torch throws a feeble light, but the shadows it casts are long. One of those shadows reaches through the rockfall as if it wasn't there.

Quickly you return to the edge of the debris and consider what you should do. The wall of fallen stone appears solid, but you hold your torch before you and play the shadow of your hand along the rock. Wherever your shadow falls you can see the hint of a passage beyond the broken stone. This rockfall is an illusion. Carefully you put your hand against the barrier and feel the slightest of shocks as your hand passes right through. Next you push your torch through and find the illusion to be a veil that disguises a corridor reaching far into the rock. There is a way ahead if you wish to take it.

Options: Although there is no exit indicated you may progress directly ahead if you wish. This map reference should be treated as a normal long passage and you should turn to your Room Generation Tables to determine where it will now take you.

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