Section 34

room type: large chamber
exits: ahead, left, right
indicators: encounter

Hall of the Dreya Tree

(Draw once then remove from game)
From the shadows of a narrow passage you look out into a wide hall and marvel at what you have found. In the dim chamber you can see a shrine and two lines of statuary that lead to its base. Upon a raised platform is a representation of a huge leaf-less tree, but this is not the same as many that you have seen before. This tree is as black as a moonless sky, glimmering with a multitude of dancing red points of light that send flickering ruddy shadows across the walls of the chamber.

In this ethereal glow the Hall is alive with movement. Across the walls you can see carved stone that shimmers in the darkness, somehow alive as it tells a horrifying story of death and torment, of Beings scourged of their existence in a bloodbath of pain and torture. As you watch you see endless lines of Hordim making their way into the openings of a vast gate, and then step back aghast at the cruel fate that awaits them beyond its arches. You cannot understand what it is you are seeing, but you know that it is the Dark Tree's doing. It is a vision you can only stand for a short time. Turning from the relentless cruelty of the Hall you consider if you should continue forward or find another way.

Options: If you wish to brave the unknown, and try to make for one of the three other exits, you will find something waiting for you in its dark recesses. Turn to your Encounter list and determine if you will stand your ground and fight, or consider it better to retreat. What happens to you will be determined by Fate. If you would rather leave this dread Hall and find another way then do so quickly, before the power of this place reaches out to take you as well.

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