Section 35

room type: large chamber
exits: ahead
indicators: encounter

The Pit Room

(Draw once then remove from game)
From out of the darkness you stumble into a wide cavern, your light barely able to touch its near edges. Quickly you move to the nearest wall and listen intently for any sign of danger. You can hear nothing, but the floor is covered in tracks and drag marks, as if something has only recently passed by. As your eyes adjust to the light you discover that a huge hole lays dark upon the floor, and from its depths there arises a putrid fume that hazes the air and lingers overhead as a roiling fog.

For a moment you wait and listen but you cannot pause here for long. Carefully you move out into the chamber and it is then that you sense something in the darkness behind you...

Options: Turn to your Encounter list and prepare for an attack. Disregard any No Encounter rolls you might make, or any encounter rules that might otherwise allow you to force the creature away. Whatever it is that covets your flesh has been watching you for a while and will not let you escape. This is one combat that you cannot avoid.

If you survive this battle turn to your Room Generation Tables and see where the exit ahead shall take you. If it is your fate that the creature is too powerful then it is here in this huge hall that your quest shall end. It will then be to a latter life that you will need to look for better luck.

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