Section 39

room type: a large natural cavern
exits: ahead
indicators: none

The collapsed cavern

(Draw only once then remove from game)
Before you spreads a wide natural cavern, its rough walls arching up to a point high overhead. In your feeble light you can just see a collection of huge stalactites at its apex, hanging down as distorted fingers grasping out into the darkness. For a short moment you watch as your light reflects as tiny points of glistening reflection in the gloom, but you cannot linger here. There is a problem though. Ahead you can see that the entire floor of the cavern has collapsed in a series of stepped levels down into the earth. There is no practical way of safely climbing into the vast subsidence and making it out the other side, but you may be able to find a way around its narrow edge.

Options: If you wish to try and find a way around, and you are in possession of a rope and grapple, you will need to test your agility attribute. As you are using equipment to help in your progress you may add +1 to your agility attribute for the duration of this crossing. If you are successful then you have found a way through, and you can turn to the Room Generation Tables and continue on with your quest.

If you are unsuccessful then at some point in your crossing you have lost your footing and fallen into the subsidence. Luckily you have hold of your rope and you do not fall too far. Conduct a strength test. If you are not successful you shall fall to your death and your quest will be over. If you are successful you climb back out and may take another test of your agility to continue on. Any further failure of agility will leave you falling into the hole, your grasp upon your rope gone. If this happens you will not see the light of day again, and it will be here that your quest will end.

If you wish to try and find a way around the fringes of the cavern, but you do not have a rope and grapple, then it will be a far more precarious course you must take. Conduct a test of your strength and agility attributes. If you are successful with both you will make it through and may continue with your quest. If you are unsuccessful on either the skill needed to edge your way around the collapsed floor was not yours to exercise. Without anyone to hear your screams you will fall into the depths and your quest will be over.

Considering the possible outcomes of traversing this collapsed cavern you may also decide that there are easier ways, and if that is so you should turn about and go find them.

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