Section 4

room type: a medium-sized chamber
exits: none
indicators: search

The Tangle

You have seen many strange things in your career as a Dungeon Crawler but nothing quite like this. Before you is a medium-sized room, an apparent dead-end that contains the desiccated remains of a huge Oerdaaki plant. Across the walls and ceiling the deadly plant had spread its venomous vines, and over the years had grown huge within the confines of the chamber. All about you is the tangled, twisted remains of the plant, long dead but holding a number of secrets firmly within its withered grasp. Amongst the tangle of dried vegetation lay the remains of several corpses, as dry as the plant itself, but fully clothed and equipped. There is a chance that some of their possessions may still be servicable.

Options: If you wish you may search this dead-end. There may be something of value here, but be careful for such plants as these do not die easily, and something has killed this one. When your search is complete you will have to retrace your steps and find another way.

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