Section 44

room type: a large chamber
exits: left, right, ahead
indicators: none

The Murals of Meshaal

(Draw once then remove from game)
Before you the passage opens out into a large square room. In the centre of each wall lies a darkened exit, and overhead the chamber is capped by a high barrel-vault of cleanly cut stone. Upon all the surfaces of the room has been carved exquisitely detailed murals of the forests of Arborell. In the surprise of your discovery you stand quietly, considering the verdant landscapes that have been wrought upon the walls. Only as you stare into the vista of high trees and thick undergrowth do you see the first glimmer of movement, and you step back as you realise what is happening.

By some unknown power the scene before you begins to move. Stone trees start to sway in an unfelt breeze, and at the corner of your eye you sense the faintest of movement, of animals scurrying through branches, and barely identifiable shadows disappearing into dark hollows. About you the forest comes to life; you begin to hear the sounds of the woodland echoing within the room, and the smell of damp earth and mosses permeates the air. It is a wondrous apparition, but one you cannot afford to spend time considering. Rather than watch any more of the unfolding wonder, you turn to the gloomy exits that open silently around you and decide which one you should take.

Options: The Murals of Meshaal are a wonder of the Ancient World but not the prize that you seek. Consider which of the exits you wish to take then turn to your Room Generation Tables and continue.

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