Section 47

room type: large chamber with collapsed ceiling
exits: ahead
indicators: none

A Collapsed Hall

(Draw once then remove from game)
It does not take long to find yourself emerging into the shattered remains of a wide Hall. In the light of your torch you see that along its entire length the ceiling has collapsed, huge pieces of stone having slammed into the flooring, subsiding the pulverised ground beneath into a depthless abyss. In the quiet of this Hall you come to a halt and consider what you should do next. Before you the floor is a patchwork of broken ground comprised of long fractures that separate where you stand from the far edges of the chamber. It is possible that there is no way forward here, but you cannot be sure until you have had a closer look at what confronts you.

Carefully you move onto what remains of the floor, and peer over the brink of a dark chasm that disappears into shadow. All is not lost though. There is only one other exit from the Hall, and that lies upon the other side of this broken ground, but as you survey the chamber more carefuly you discover that a way may be found to reach it.

Holding your torch overhead you see that a number of stone pillars lay haphazardly across the jagged fractures that criss-cross the hall. Having been dragged down with the collapse of the ceiling, four of these pillars rest upon the few islands of stable ground that remain, and it is possible that if you go carefully they may provide a precarious bridge to the far side. If you wish to go forward this can be the only way.

Options: To traverse this collapsed Hall you will need to make four agility tests. Each test denotes a point where you must cross the length of each pillar. If you succeed with all four tests you have made it across and should turn to section 194. If however, you fail any one of these tests the following applies:

A failed agility test leaves you slipping off one of the pillars, your life hanging in the balance. In this circumstance test your luck attribute. If you are unlucky then Fate has not been kind to you and you plummet into the depths, your quest over. If you have been lucky then you have found a hold upon the pillar and have stopped your slide into oblivion. You must now pull yourself to safety and this can only be done through a strength test. If you are strong enough you will find a way to safety and continue to make your way across the pillars. If you fail this test you will be lost to the dark chasm and your quest will be over.

You do have the choice to not attempt such a dangerous crossing. If this is your choice then turn around and find another way, but whether you do or not is something you must decide for yourself.

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