Section 48b

room type: small chamber
exits: ahead
indicators: search

A Small Chamber

Shortly you come to a small room, bare except for a number of pedestals that sit one to each corner. It appears that at some point each of the small stone platforms had served as the base for a metal statue, but rough hands have torn them from their mounts, leaving only the shreds of a few iron fittings. There is little to see, except you do notice that one of the pedestals has been moved slightly, and that there is a space in the floor beneath it.

Options: If you wish to see if there is anything in the floor-space you will need to move the pedestal far enough to allow a better inspection. Test your strength attribute. If you prove strong enough you can reach in and search the hiding place. Anything you find should be recorded on your character sheet before you make for the exit ahead. If the pedestal is too heavy leave it and use the Room Generation Tables to continue on your way.

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