Section 48c

room type: small chamber
exits: ahead
indicators: search

A Small Chamber

Before you the passageway opens into a small room before continuing on ahead. The chamber is devoid of decoration except for a number of wells that lay at each corner. Three of the wells are dry but one contains clean, though very warm water. It is not surprising as the air has become oppressive, and you consider for a moment if you should drink before moving on. Carefully you move the surface of the water with your hand and notice the glimmer of something just below the surface.

Options: The water may contain something of interest. If you wish to find out what it is make a search. Whether you search or not you may take a drink from the well before you move on. The water may be warm but it is refreshing, so restore one endurance point to your endurance level before continuing. Ahead lies the exit from this room. Turn to your Room Generation Tables and determine where it might lead.

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