Section 4b

room type: a medium-sized chamber
exits: none
indicators: search

The Tangle

The passage is cold and dark, the air heavy with the smell of rotting vegetation. Carefully you move forward and find an overgrown chamber, its interior cluttered with the remains of a dead Oerdaaki plant. You have seen signs of such a thing before, in one of the rooms of the upper level, and you can only surmise that it is part of the same monstrous plant that somehow found its way down here. With some trepidation you steal into the room and look around. To your dismay you find that there are no exits from this room, and little to be seen apart from the matted remains of the plant. Amongst the tangled limbs of the Oerdaaki you spy the glint of something man-made and move towards it for a closer look...

Options: If you wish to find out what might lay hidden here conduct a search of the Oerdaaki's slime-covered vegetation. If you find anything of value record it on your character sheet then return to your journey. If you would rather back out of this room and continue with your quest you will have to find another path for this is a dead-end.

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