Section 4c

room type: a medium-sized chamber
exits: none
indicators: search

The Tangle

On this third level of the ruins of Traebor you find the desiccated remnants of an Oerdaaki plant. Within this alcove you discover the furthest extent of what must be an enormous plant-creature, one that has thrust deep roots into the hard rock and forced its way into the ruins below. Dead and withered tendrils hang from the ceiling, elongated fingers extending from cracks in the stonework that have been shattered by the power of the once-living roots. For a moment you consider how large the Oerdaaki must have been to extend through all these levels of Traebor, but it is not the dead plant that holds your attention. Only slightly covered by the clinging roots are an assortment of barrels and sturdy wooden crates. Some have been crushed, and most appear empty, but perhaps there is something here of value to your quest.

Options: If you wish to search the contents of this room turn to the Search list and determine what you have found. If you find anything of value record it on your character sheet before continuing. If you would rather continue on with your journey you will have to turn around and find another way, for there are no other exits from this chamber. It is a dead-end and one you should not tarry within for too long.

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