Section 5

room type: a chamber at the intersection of three passages
exits: right, ahead
indicators: none

A junction of three paths

Quickly you come to a junction of three passages, and a chamber cluttered with piles of broken statuary and tiling. In the light thrown by your torch you can see that the debris has been placed here, a dumping point for some purpose that had long ago been abandoned. Slowly you draw your weapon and edge towards the centre of the room. If ever there was a perfect setting for an ambush this is it, and your eyes follow the contours of the debris looking for any sign of danger. Such an attack does not come, and in the gloom you find that your greatest difficulty is negotiating a path through the rubble that does not require climbing the mounds of fractured stone. It is as you are moving past a large pile of rock that you see something jutting from between the stones.

Options: If you wish to see what the object is turn to your Discarded Objects list. If you have found something of value record it on your character sheet before you continue. Pick one of the exits ahead and turn to your Room Generation Tables to discover where it shall take you. If you have no wish to disturb the piles of debris move on and choose an exit from this room. Either way you should move quickly.

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