Section 55

room type: long passage
exits: ahead
indicators: none

A Long Passage

(Draw once then remove from game)
Ahead reaches a long stone passage, arrow-straight and fashioned of precisely cut and laid granite blocks. In the darkness your torch can only light a short distance and it appears that no danger is to be found here. As you move forward however, you find increasing evidence that the corridor has recently been travelled, the dull grey layers of dust before you marked with a series of bootprints and tracks leading away into the gloom.

Carefully you search the area about you and find three distinct sets of tracks. One is of a booted man, the other two definitely Shondalak. From the overlay of the prints you also notice that it is the Shondalak that are following the man, and that they lead away down the passage ahead. In one motion you draw your weapon and move forward, unsure as to how long the tracks have laid in the dust, but you know that you have no wish to meet one of the huge predators in such a confined space, let alone two of them on the hunt.

With weapon in hand you continue down the passageway, and it is at its mid-point that you find the remains of one of your Brethren lying crumpled against a wall. A quick examination shows the man is long dead, his body raked by claws, his equipment crushed and bent in the fury of the attack that killed him. Holding your torch up you survey the passage and can see pieces of bone and cloth scattered down the corridor ahead. The Shondalak took their fill but the kill occurred some time ago, and you cannot know if the predators are still in the area. Whether you go forward, or turn back and find another way is a decision you must now make.

Options: It is your choice to make. Will you go forward and see where this passageway may lead, or will you retrace your steps and find another way?

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