Section 57

room type: natural cavern
exits: right
indicators: encounter

The Crystal Falls

(Draw once then remove from game)
There are many things that can be found below ground that never reach the light of day, or are never spoken of by mortal man for they remain hidden from the eyes of all those who might wonder at them. As you step out into this enormous cavern you know that you have indeed found one of those things.

Before you spreads a wide natural space, a domed chamber surfaced in glistening stone that reaches high overhead, supported by rough buttresses of dark obsidian. In the light of your torch the surfaces glimmer with shining flecks of reflected light, and as you play its weak illumination around the cavern you discover against a far wall a wonder that leaves you silent.

In cascading plumes a vast frozen waterfall of stone flows outwards from the wall before you. Tumbling in gouts of multicoloured crystal, the fall of stone gushes and boils as if it is a true waterfall somehow caught in a moment of time, and left unable to move on. Crystalline and translucent the stone flickers with life, the light of your torch playing over its surface, sending coloured shards of energy echoing about the chamber.

Within this play of light and moving shadows you marvel at the scale of the Crystal Fall that reaches out before you, but in that moment of wonder you notice also a dark shape that moves furtively in the gloom at your right shoulder...

Options: All your instincts tell you that something is stalking you. Turn to the Encounter list and determine what it might be. If you survive the malice of whatever hides in these shadows there is an exit from this cavern tunnelled into its rough walls at your right. If you wish you may use the Room Generation Tables and take this path next.

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