Section 58

room type: large cavern
exits: right, ahead
indicators: none

The Well

(Draw once then remove from game)
Within the small sphere of light cast by your torch you move forward onto the fracture surface of a large natural cavern. Ahead of you the ground is broken and desiccated, the rough outlines of huge upthrusts of stone just visible at the edges of your flickering illumination. In the air there is the smell of ash, and as you move further into the chamber you can see in the floor ahead a wide hole, one whose edges encompass a distance as far as you can throw a small stone.

Moving closer you determine that it is the remnants of an enormous shaft, cut into the ground in some ancient time but left abandoned to crumble and collapse. Carefully you move closer to the lip of the chasm and peer into its depths. You can see no indication of how deep it may be, and as there is no way to descend safely into it you move away quickly. It is good that you do.

Even as you step away the ground beneath your feet begins to fall away into the pit, huge chunks of stone slipping out of sight as you turn on your heel to escape the inevitable collapse.

Options: It will take all the agility you have to escape the collapsing floor of this chamber. Test your agility attribute twice. If you succeed on either of these tests turn to section 84. If you fail both of these tests turn to section 91.

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