Section 59

room type: long hall
exits: ahead
indicators: encounter

The Guardians' Rest

(Draw once then remove from game)
Stepping out tentatively into a long dark hall you find yourself pausing to take in the grandeur of what you have discovered. The Hall extends for some distance ahead, its walls shear barriers of carved stone that extend upwards into the darkness before arching into a barrel-vaulted ceiling high overhead. In long lines, statues in black shimmering stone line the walls, each guarding an alcove, within which resides a single large sarcophagus. At the head of each coffin stands a slab of smooth stone, the only adornment upon them a single glyph that you recognise immediately. It is the seal of the Trell'sara.

Moving closer you discover the nearest sarcophagus is enormous, standing more than three metres high and almost five metres in length. You get the distinct impression that whatever is entombed within had once been as enormous as the stonework that now encloses their remains, and as you stand in the darkness you can sense a brooding malevolence that penetrates the air around them.

It is a sensation that sends chills across your shoulders though it cannot stifle the curiosity you also feel on what might reside within these huge funerary containers. A quiet tap with the edge of your weapon and a cursory investigation of their surrounds gives no indication of how you might open them. They appear impregnable and you do not have the time to find a way to open it. Carefully you return to the main hall and stop in your tracks when you hear the sounds of something heavy moving in the shadows. As you draw your weapon the silence is broken once again by the same furtive movements, and as you stand your ground you have no doubt that danger is close at hand.

Options: Turn to the Encounter list and determine what confronts you. If you choose to retreat then do so and find another way. If you stand and fight your fate will depend completely on your skill and a small measure of luck. If you are successful then the exit at the end of the Hall is your only way forward. Use the Room Generation Tables to discover what lies ahead.

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