Section 5b

room type: a chamber at the intersection of three passages
exits: right, ahead
indicators: none

A junction of three paths

In the darkness you stand quietly on the threshold of the passage and look out into a large chamber. It is clear of debris, but unlike most of the other rooms you have passed through it has been built with two lines of pillars running down its length. In the gloom you can see that the pillars reach high into the air, before spreading in wide arches across the roof . Between the pillars you can discern two other exits, one ahead and the other inset into the right wall. Both give little hint as to which way you should go, though there is a stronger smell of ash emanating from the dark arch ahead.

For a short time you stand in the shadows and listen for any danger. You can hear little but the steady drip of water coming from somewhere in the hall, and after a few minutes decide to move on. There is nothing here.

Options: Choose an exit, then turn to your Room Generation Tables to discover where it shall take you.

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