Section 5c

room type: a chamber at the intersection of three passages
exits: right, ahead
indicators: none

A junction of three paths

It is not long before you find yourself in another large chamber. Within the third level of Traebor the heat is starting to take its toll upon you, and although you feel you are close to your goal the air is becoming oppressive. Carefully you look about the hall and find it empty, but there is something here that strikes you as unusual. Upon the centre of the floor you find a huge symbol etched into the stone. It is the silhouette of a leaf-less tree crowned by two suns and two moons, and in the shadows it shimmers faintly like moonlight on water.

Carefully you move out into the chamber and inspect the carving more closely. It is large and cleanly cut, but as you move closer you can feel a heat radiating outwards. Tentatively you reach out with your hand and sense the warmth of rising air swirling between your fingers. At first it is nothing more than a curiosity, one you play with, testing for the focus of the heat and find quickly that it is sourced at the centre of the symbol. It is a curiosity however, that senses your presence also. Within moments the rising air grows in power, building into an unbearable scorching column that forces you backwards. Before you can find out what the purpose of the symbol might be the temperature rises to a level where you have no choice but to flee the chamber. Quickly you pick a passage and leave.

Options: Choose an exit then turn to your Room Generation Tables to determine where it shall take you.

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