Section 64

room type: medium-sized chamber
exits: ahead, right
indicators: search

Evidence of Habitation

(Draw once then remove from game)
Out of the shadows you stumble into a domed chamber, choking on ash as you trip upon a series of blackened timber logs. Regaining your footing you steady yourself against the entrance's near wall and look about the room. To your surprise there is evidence here of habitation, a number of beds lined against the far wall and a large fire-pit having been dug into the ground at the room's centre.

What piques your curiosity most however, is the large number of charcoal logs stacked against the wall at your left shoulder. There seems far more here than someone might need purely for domestic use, yet you can think of no good reason why so much fuel might need to be stored. A quick survey of the contents of the room provides few clues as to the purpose of the encampment. All you can tell is that it is Hordim who have made their home here, although they have not returned for some time.

Amongst the spartan furnishings you do find a pile of boxes and old canvas bags. There is a chance that something useful may be found here.

Options: You may search these discarded containers if you wish. Once you decide to move on you will need to choose a way out. You may either go straight ahead, or take the exit in the right wall.

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