Section 68

room type: unknown
exits: none
indicators: encounter

The Shadowed Room

Before you extends a chamber without light or features, the illumination of your torch unable to spread far enough to uncover any walls or fixtures that might give you some indication of what lies within. It is not only that the chamber is large, it also seems as if light can find no purchase here, the room itself drawing away any illumination and leaving nothing behind but an impenetrable darkness. Standing silently beneath your flickering torch it leaves you pondering whether you should step across the threshold and venture any further forward. Quickly you discover that there is good reason to hesitate.

From out of the darkness comes the sounds of something moving. It is not a definite scrape or footfall that might alert you to danger, but there is a presence hidden within the shadows and you can have little doubt that it does not reside there for your benefit.

A cold chill settles upon your shoulders as you wait quietly at the threshold but fear is not unknown to the Brethren of the Deep Guild, and to heed its call at every turn would leave those who call themselves Dungeon Crawlers unable to ply their trade. You decide to listen harder before you retreat from this place.

Quickly the sounds come again, but this time it is louder and more definable. There is indeed something in the chamber ahead, and the only way to find out what it might be is to enter.

Options: If you decide to move further into the dark chamber ahead the Encounter list will tell you what you have found. If you think it a wiser choice to find another way you should turn around now and do so. Keep in mind however, that there are no exits from this room. It is a dead end, and a dangerous one at that.

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