Section 7b

room type: large cavern
exits: left
indicators: encounter, search

Something is watching you

Out of the darkness you move into a large natural chamber, its walls glistening with flowing limestone cascades and huge crystalline outcrops. For a moment you come to a halt, and watch as the light of your torch plays about the hall, reflecting off a myriad of brightly coloured surfaces. It is a display that holds your attention, but only for a short time. A noise from somewhere within the gloom pulls you back to the imminent dangers of your quest, and almost before you can react one of those dangers reaches out for you...

Options: Whether you wish to traverse this cavern or not you must fight the creature that now hungers for your life. Turn to your Encounter List and begin combat. If you are fortunate enough to survive the battle there is an opportunity to search this cavern. Others have passed this way before and many have left equipment and other artifacts behind. If you find anything of value record it on your character sheet before you continue.

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