Section 7c

room type: large cavern
exits: left
indicators: encounter, search

Something is watching you

Your quest has taken much from you, and as you stand at the entrance to this wide cavern you take a moment to recover your breath. It is a pause that will give you little respite. Before you can properly recover something emerges from the gloom and hits you violently in the side. Thrown out into the open you roll back to your feet and thrust your torch into the ground beside you...

Options: Turn to your Encounter List and stand ready to fight. If you roll a No Encounter disregard it and roll again until you have a creature to fight. There is something here and it wants your blood. You cannot avoid this combat, and 1 endurance point must be taken from your total due to the force of the blow. If you are victorious in your combat with this creature you may search the cavern if you wish. Such a place can hold many secrets and some may have value to your quest.

If you survive what is to be found in this vast chamber you will need to decide whether you should take the exit at your left, or perhaps turn around and find another way.

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