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In January of 2007 the Chronicles of Arborell released the first in a new series of card-based gamebooks entitled Quest for the Orncryst. This unique adventure has proven itself in the intervening years to be one of the most popular titles in the series catalogue and has now been made available in a new 2011 edition.

Quest for the Orncryst is a card-based gamebook system based on the Torchlight adventure rule-set that allows a player to meet a range of quest objectives whilst experiencing a different set of encounters and dungeon setups with each attempt. This one of a kind gamebook system comes with a 100+ page manual, a set of 77 game cards and a range of additional materials and documents and is now available for free download both in its card format and as a purely text adventure.

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Well of Shadows Gamebook Adventure

The Way to Allas'nerig

A text description of the landscape between Das Vallendor and the temple complex of Allas'nerig,
and how a traveller might find safe passage between them.

For any traveller wishing to journey the great distance between the port city of Das Vallendor and the temples of Allas'nerig it is important to understand the nature of the landscape that lies between them, and their relative positions upon the larger map of Arborell. It should be noted at the start that both Das Vallendor and Allas'nerig reside at the southern borders of the dominion of Men, and that there is very little that is known of the lands that lay beyond them. What follows here is a description of how a traveller might find a safe passage between them.

It is recorded within the Library of the Administrators Guild that the first settlement at Vallendor began in the Year of Settlement 188. Commenced as a penal colony upon the shores of Elesmenedene it quickly grew into a trading port, and then as a way-station for those travelling into the far southern regions beyond Kalborea. Since those early days Das Vallendor has grown from humble origins into a major trading centre, one that resides upon the north-western edges of the Waters of Elesmenedene, the largest fresh water lake in Arborell and the southern geographical boundary of the Kalborean Union. Beyond this vast inland sea can be found the forests of the Southern Malleron to the south and east, the waterless grass-plains of the Durn further to the south and the Homelands of the NomDruse to the south-east.

The city of Das Vallendor is itself is divided into two separate precincts, one a fortified plateau known as the High Roln, the other known as the Lower City. It is within the Lower City that the Guild Houses of the Deep Guild can be found as well as the Great Library and the Tower Keep. For any Dungeon Crawler departing for the wild regions of southern Arborell their journey must begin at the Tower Keep. It is from the docks connected to the Tower Keep that a traveller will take ship and travel south across Elesmenedene. Two days upon the water will bring a traveller to the southern shores of the lake and to a small Guild outpost set within the forests of the Southern Malleron that crowd the lake's southern and eastern borders. From this outpost a traveller must then journey further south, by foot along the western edges of the forests and once clear of their shadows turn south-west, paralleling the great curve of the Coldarai mountains and thence directly west to the ruins of Baalmak.

It is at Baalmak that a traveller will find a further outpost of the Guild and the necessary provisions and transport needed to pass westwards into the wildlands. Situated upon the northern edges of the Durn, Baalmak is the last opportunity to take water before crossing the Lower Coldarai Mountains and making thence for Allas'nerig. It is at Baalmak that travellers can obtain Eqkril as mounts and gain any knowledge of dangers that might have arisen upon the trails and slopes of the mountains to the west.

After leaving Baalmak behind a traveller must then turn to the south-west and trek across the grasslands of the western Durn until they find the ancient spires of Askendis'nar'dorum. The ruins of Askendis lay within the shadows of the Lower Coldarai mountains to the west and are an important landmark for anyone wishing to journey further westwards. This ancient city ruin can be used as a resting point before heading directly west towards the foothills of the Lower Coldarai, and thence to the Pass of Sighs. It is this ancient trail that will give a traveller the least dangerous route across the spine of the mountains and onto the grasslands beyond. It is there upon the grasslands of the Ruhig Plains that the ruins of Allas'nerig can be found.

For any traveller who makes the journey to Allas'nerig there will be found a temple complex of enormous size. Made up of more than four hundred structures, spires and deep ruins it is one of the largest complexes that can be delved within reach of the Four Nations. In these modern times it still hides its greatest secrets and remains of considerable interest to the Deep Guild of Das Vallendor.

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For some time the first core gamebook in the Chronicles of Arborell has been available both as an online title and as a html-based download file. As a part of an ongoing commitment to provide all titles in this series in the PDF format Arborell.com is pleased to announce the release of a new PDF edition of this popular gamebook title; complete with updated graphics, 600 sections, more than 400 A4-sized pages and a further 200 pages of supplementary documents and information. At over 600 pages this is one of the largest gamebook titles available in the genre and as with all the books in this series is free to download. For a copy just click on the link below.