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In January of 2007 the Chronicles of Arborell released the first in a new series of card-based gamebooks entitled Quest for the Orncryst. This unique adventure has proven itself in the intervening years to be one of the most popular titles in the series catalogue and has now been made available in a new 2011 edition.

Quest for the Orncryst is a card-based gamebook system based on the Torchlight adventure rule-set that allows a player to meet a range of quest objectives whilst experiencing a different set of encounters and dungeon setups with each attempt. This one of a kind gamebook system comes with a 100+ page manual, a set of 77 game cards and a range of additional materials and documents and is now available for free download both in its card format and as a purely text adventure.

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Well of Shadows Gamebook Adventure

A Text Map of Allas'nerig And Its Surrounding Geography

Any Traveller who ventures into the far south-west of Arborell will have heard of the vast temple-complex known as Allas'nerig. To find the great ruin however, is not as easy as some profess and for most who might journey upon those southern plains it has proven as inhospitable and as dangerous the landscape that surrounds it. Built in the prehistory of the world by an ancient race that gave homage to the Silvan Tree, Allas'nerig is an enormous testament to the power of the Ancients, and of their devotion to the First and Second Powers of the World.

To find Allas'nerig requires an understanding of the geography of this little-known part of the world. If you were to look upon a map of the south-western reaches of Arborell you would find Allas'nerig in the farthest south-western section of that map, nestled against the western foothills of the Lower Coldarai mountains and spreading upon the southern reaches of a long and narrow grassland known as the Ruhig Plains.

To the west of Allas'nerig reside the high mountains of the Westreach and to the north-east the higher and far more dangerous summits of the Coldarai. Sandwiched between the vast ranges of the Westreach and the Coldarai, the Ruhig Plains extend as a long dry grassland that stretches from the north in a wide curving expanse to the south-west. Upon these plains can be found the town of Keb's Reach in the north, the ruins of Ruhig'nar'dorum upon the central plain and the ruins of Allas'nerig in the far south.

Like the Durn that spreads upon the eastern edges of the Lower Coldarai mountains the Ruhig Plains are a dry grassland, devoid of ground-water and unfit for most forms of human settlement. Because of this these plains have become a barrier to any settlement further westward and form, with the mountains of the Coldarai and Lower Coldarai, the western boundaries of the Kalborean Union.

It is against the western edges of the Lower Coldarai that Allas'nerig can be found and it is those mountains that must be traversed if a Traveller is to reach the ruins. Like the spine of a great Dragon the Lower Coldarai extends from the Colderai in the north-east, marching as a long line of summits to the south-west and the uncharted lands beyond, its peaks forming a barrier between the lands of the Durn in the east and the Ruhig Plains in the west. To cross these mountains is a journey that has killed many men and prudent travellers use the one path that provides a safe passage to the west. Known as the Pass of Sighs this trail is the least dangerous of the charted paths that can be found through the mountains and should be used by anyone wishing to find the Ruhig Plains beyond.

Of all the attempts at settlement in this lonely part of the world it is only the town of Keb's Reach that has survived upon the plains, and only because of a deep well dug by the Ancients and still in use by the inhabitants of the town today. Any traveller venturing upon the plains must either bring water with them, or have in their possession the equipment required to obtain it from the infrequent rains that generally fall only in the summer months. Many Travellers have died upon these plains and thirst has inevitably been the primary cause.

For most citizens of the Kalborean Union that enjoy the more temperate climes of the north-east these cold mountains and dry plains form the natural western barrier of their nation. Beyond the Coldarai and Lower Coldarai men have ventured forth but most have not returned, and it is a bold traveller that journeys into those uncharted lands unprepared. If it is your intention to find Allas'nerig be wary of the dangers that reside their, for most will prefer to remain unknown and undisturbed.

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For some time the first core gamebook in the Chronicles of Arborell has been available both as an online title and as a html-based download file. As a part of an ongoing commitment to provide all titles in this series in the PDF format Arborell.com is pleased to announce the release of a new PDF edition of this popular gamebook title; complete with updated graphics, 600 sections, more than 400 A4-sized pages and a further 200 pages of supplementary documents and information. At over 600 pages this is one of the largest gamebook titles available in the genre and as with all the books in this series is free to download. For a copy just click on the link below.