Welcome to Sir Gindle's Bretonnian War Room! This is a fan site created by me about the Bretonnian army, which is, in my opinion, by far the best army in the Warhammer game. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Inside you will find History, Battle Reports, info about Heraldry and all of the troops that Bretonnians can use. As well as links to other great Warhammer sites, special skirmishes designed by me, a Mini-game called the Trial of Steel, the rules and player's pages for the A Lord of Bretonnian PBEM, and a whole lot more!


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This site is an unoffical Warhammer fan site. Warhammer, Bretonnia and most other stuff mentioned in this website is the property of Games Workshop. No challenge is intended to their rights or anything else. It's just a fan site, okay!?! :)

Last updated on the 1st of January 2007
This site was started on the 12th of March 2003