The noble Knights of Bretonnia are a feared opponent throughout the lands.

Bretonnia is a land of chivalry and honour. It is not as technologically advanced as the Empire but still is a powerful nation led by a noble King and his many Knights. Be they reckless and young Knights Errant, well-trained and battle hardened Knights Of The Realm, the couragous Questing Knights or the powerful and most honourable Knights of them all, the Grail Knights. All of Bretonnia's knights are great fighters, holding firm against the endless evils of the world.

The land of Bretonnia does not depend solely on its knights, for stalwart Men-At-Arms help the valiant knights in battle, giving their lives in combat with just as much courage as the knights. Bowmen rain a hail of arrows upon the heads of the foes of honour whilst the Damsels Of The Lady cast magic to smite the enemy and fill the hearts of Bretonnians with hope.

Bretonnia is not a just a place of war however, for in peacetime the knights participate in Jousting tournaments where they fight for honour, prizes and fair damsels. Hunting trips are also a favourite past-time of the Knights and Dukes of Bretonnia, with their faithful hounds at their side the Knights enjoy hunting boars, deer and other wild animals in Bretonnian forests.

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Bretonnian Rules & Facts:
The Blessing Of The Lady And Other Bretonnian Rules
The Enemies(& Friends) Of Bretonnia
The Knights And Troops Of Bretonnia
The Magic Items Of The Lady
The History Of Bretonnia
The Magic Of The Lady
What Is Warhammer?
Important Bretonnians
Stories, Army Lists & Misc Stuff:
Read "The Lady's Chosen" By David Densley
Read "Chivalry Passing" By C. C. Wilson
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Original Features:
New Bretonnian Play-By-Email Game: A Lord of Bretonnia
The Eternal Citadel: Role Playing Game for the CLA
Bretonnian Campaign: Revolt Against The Sun King
New Bretonnian Mini-Game: The Trial of Steel
New Bretonnian Hero: Lowborn Champion
New Bretonnian Unit: Will-O'-Wisps
New Bretonnian Unit: Peasants
Bretonnian Special Skirmishes
Bretonnian Magic Lore
Tournaments & Events:
The Jousting Tournament of the New Dawn
(held by Aranel Calafalas, hosted by Sir Gindle)
(2004 Joust) The Tournament Of Thierulf's Gauntlet
Bretonnian ToS Tournament: The Trial of Steel Tournament
(2003 Joust) The Tournament Of The Blessed Helm
A Lord of Bretonnia: The Tome of Lords

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