Special Bretonnian Skirmish Scenarios

I will be adding more special skirmish scenarios for you to look at and play as time goes on, for now though here are the scenarios that I have designed so far: (Note: These have only been playtested by me, so you might find some problems with them)

Steel & Malice
A dishonourable Bretonnian and his band of thugs must be brought to justice by a group of Questing Knights. Will the traitorous knight be slain, or will his rampage across Bretonnia continue unfettered?
Save The Maidens!
A horde of slavering zombies attacks a Grail Chapel. With only a handful of Men-At-Arms defending the chapel and the Grail Maidens that live within, Can they hold out through the night?
Errantry Quest
Set back in the Errantry Wars. A large group of Knights Errant raid a notorious Orcish Big Boss's camp. The Orcs only hope is escape, will the Orcs escape from justice or will the Knights Errant have the Big Boss's head?
Flight From Darkness
A foul darkness has fallen upon a small hamlet. Even worse, it has been caused by a Tzeentch-worshipping Sorcerer and his Screamers, Flamers and Horrors are lurking the streets. The townsfolk of this fair town are not hopeless though, as they have a plan... (Coming Soon)

In addition, here is a Warhammer Fantasy Battles scenario that can be modified for Skirmish. It was made by Tertius The Scribe and is called Defend The Baggage Train.

Have fun!

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