While a larger battle is in progress nearby an army's encampment and baggage train has been found by scouting forces of the opposing army. The defender in this scenario is the side whose supplies are being attacked.

Chose armies from the Warhammer army lists with the following additional restrictions/provisions: The defender does not have a standard bearer (the army standard took the field with the main force). Only one unit in the defender's force can have a magic banner. All units except one in the defending force will be infantry. The one unit may be either cavalry, a warmachine, or a flyer. The defending force will have 3/4 the points value of the attacker's force. If the attacker has 1000pts the defender will have 750pts. The attacker is subject to the usual restrictions of its army list except: it may have no war machines and only one-third of its force can be infantry.

The Defender should have 3-6 terrain pieces representing wagons, tents, wains, pavilions, stacks of supplies, etc. These are set up along the edge of the Defender's deployment zone. Also, the Defender may place one hill, wood, crag, or ruin in or adjacent to its deployment zone. Otherwise set up terrain in any mutually agreeable manner. The Defender deploys in a 20x20in area in the centre of the table. The defender's table edge represents the direction of the main battle. The attacker may deploy its forces on anywhere along the three remaining table edges.

1. The defender deploys two thirds of its units first.
2. The Attacker then deploys all its forces anywhere along the three table edges it is allowed to use. No unit can be closer than 30" from a defending unit.
3. The defender's remaining units deploy according to the Special Rule below.

Who goes first?
The Attacker moves first.

Length of Game:
6-8 turns. Or, if fought in conjuction with another battle it ends one turn after the other battle.

Special Rules:
Each turn the Defender makes a leadership check with its general. If successful another of its units is mustered and is placed at the centre of its deployment zone at the end of the Defender's turn. The Attacker can destroy a baggage terrain piece if a unit of at least five models is in base contact with it for a full turn without being engaged or hit by shhoting.

Victory conditions:
Each of the 'Baggage' terrain pieces counts 50 points if destroyed. Otherwise normal victory points apply.

Historical Re-fight:
The defender was a Bretonnian army, all infantry and commoners except for one unit of 'Invalid' Knights. The Invalid Knights were too injured to take the field with the main force but will be the first unit to muster. They can be represented by a random assortment of different kinds of knight models. They will fight with the stats of Knights Errant but will not suffer the special impetuous rule. The attacking force was mostly Orc Boar Boyz and Goblin Wolf Riders with one unit of Orc archers.

The impetous rule for the Knights Errant is not in the Annual Army List for Bretonnians, it can be found under the name "Reckless" in the UBAB at Earl Cadfael's site however.

This Warhammer Fantasy Battles scenario was made by Tertius The Scribe. His "Web Bio" can be found at Earl Cadfael's site in the The Knights section.

You could use smaller forces and make this a Skirmish game if you wanted too.

Special thanks to Tertius The Scribe for letting me use this Scenario on my site.

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