Section 54

room type: medium-sized chamber with stairs
exits: ahead, left, right, down
indicators: none

Level Down

Emerging from the shadows you find yourself in a room large enough to enclose a wide balustrade and a set of stairs that disappear into the rock below. Each of the walls are covered in deeply carved symbols and glyphs. It is a language that is unknown to you, but as you play your torch over one of the surfaces you see that the stone itself is transparent, the walls made of a clear glass-like rock. Looking more carefully you discern the vague outline of shapes, what appears to be figures set into the clear stone and immobile. It is only as you peer closer that you can see the figures moving, albeit very slowly.

Standing back from the wall you consider what you have found. There is a chance that there is danger here, of a kind that you have never heard spoken of, and it is a good enough reason to move on. Quickly you make for the staircase and look down into its shadowed depths...

Options: If you decide to take the stairs you will need both a new map and a new torch. The one you have been using is exhausted and flickers out even as you consider what you will do next. If you have no torches or Sharyah'ka, turn to section 187. If you do have illumination read the following directions before moving on.

Please note:
If you are in search of the Orncryst and have decided to leave the first level, turn to section 151 before you take the stairs to the second level. Other Dungeon Crawlers have been here before and one of them has left you a message.

If you are in search of the Orncryst and at this time have decided to leave the second level turn to section 159 first. Your ability to explore the third level of Traebor will depend on what this section says.

If you are in search of the Orncryst and roll this Level Down map section on the third level of Traebor all the above instructions must be disregarded. Your search for the Orncryst requires that you find the chamber that holds the River of Time on this level. To go any further down into the Deep Ruins will only lead to failure and death. Choose an exit and turn to your Room Generation tables to discover where it will take you.

If however, you are conducting this game in Free Play Mode then the deeper ruins await and you may take the stairs. Please use the Free Play Mode table provided with the Room Generation tables from this point on. You may also take any of the other three exits to continue your quest.

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