Section 60

room type: large cavern
exits: left, right
indicators: search

A Fractured Delving

(Draw once then remove from game)
Quietly you advance into a large roughly-cut chamber of hard granite. As you step out into its wide open space you can see immediately that what you have found is not a part of the ancient ruins themselves. Great industry had been expended here, someone in a time long past having mined this area for a purpose that you do not have the opportunity to uncover. It is a desolate ruin, stripped and plundered as the chaotic remains of a vast labour that held no regard for the temple, or its antiquity, and as you walk forward you can only wonder as to the years that must have been spent in its delving. Moving further into its shattered expanse you can see two exits, one at the left, the other some distance to the right, but it is not these dark arches that pique your curiosity.

The cavern is a mine, of this you have no doubt, cut from from what must have originally been a passage or other chamber of the ruins, but expanded with great industry into the enormous delving that now reaches out before you. Upon every surface you can see evidence of what the ancient miners were working for, the glimmer of silver reflecting out of the stone in long branching veins that trail across the roof overhead before disappearing into the ground.

For a moment you wonder why such profitable work might have ceased, but it is only as you decide to move further into the cavern that you fully realise the danger that lurks here. Across the uneven ground ahead lay large piles of stone, huge boulders and drifts of broken rock littering the floor where they have fallen from high above. Even as you move forward you can hear the dull impact of rock hitting the ground in the distance, plumes of dust rising into the air as unstable stone shifts in the shadows overhead. This will not be the place to tarry long.

Options: Exits can be found to the left and right here but there is evidence that equipment and other items may have been left by others. If you wish you may search this end of the cavern before you continue. If you search test your luck attribute before you begin. If you are successful then you will remain untroubled by falling stone. Determine what your search has uncovered and then use the Room Generation Tables to move on. If you are unsuccessful with your luck test turn to section 89.

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