Section 65

room type: medium-sized circular chamber
exits: ahead, left, right
indicators: encounter

The Crypt

(Draw once and then remove from game)
Beyond the threshold to this chamber you find a circular room some thirty metres in width. Engineered as a tall, domed space the walls have been carved as a series of arches in three levels, rising upwards to a circular terminal overhead, cut with an ancient crest. In the floor a series of steps descend into a wide depression, and within that depression there stands upon a platform of slick black stone a long, intricately carved sarcophagus. It is evident that you have found a crypt, though you cannot tell who it might belong to.

Moving further into the chamber you discover that water dripping from the ceiling has filled the lower levels of the steps surrounding the stone coffin. The water is black and smells of a fetid damp, and as you peer across its dark surface you are sure that you can see something moving, rippling the waters as it patrols its subterranean home. Stepping back from the edges of the wide pool you consider what manner of creature might infest this silent tomb, though you have no wish to stay and find out.

It is easy to decide that there is no good reason to risk a closer look at the sarcophagus. Instead you look to the other exits from this crypt and see another arched passage leading into the darkness on the other side of the chamber, with other corridors leading from the left and right. With your hand gripping hard upon the haft of your weapon you start to move, and it is then that the pool erupts in a frothing swirl of limbs and stagnant water.

Options: Out of the dark pool the lumbering form of a Trippet hauls itself upwards. Huge in size, the monster is a thrashing melee of long sinuous tentacles and a body similar to that of a leach, though enormous in size. Shimmering black in the gloom the creature has only an easy meal on its mind, and it believes that you will be its main course.

If you wish to retreat and find another path then do so now. If you would rather stand your ground then the following will give you some reason for hope.

Trippets are territorial and this one will not leave the confines of this damp chamber, but if you choose to fight it will attempt to subdue you with its limbs before dragging you into its lair. For all their size however, Trippets will not continue an attack once injured. Also known in the wider world as Watchers or Lurkers, they recoil from pain and would rather retreat than pursue a meal that puts up too much of a fight. This is the only advantage you will have if you wish to combat this creature.

A Trippet has the following combat information:

Combat value: 14
Endurance: 18
Aversions: Calling stone
Special rules: +1 to player CV if fighting with sword.
Difficulty modifiers: +1 to creature CV if fought in small room
Creature motivation: Ambivalent

Creature aversions include the Calling stone. If you have one of these Talismans, and are successful in using it, the Trippet will not attack you. It will return to its lair and you will be able to pass beyond without molestation. A choice must now be made. Will you try and force it away with a Calling Stone, retreat from its flailing limbs, or fight your way through?

If you are able to wound the Trippet is any way before it kills you turn to section 101. If you cannot harm this creature before your own endurance falls to zero turn to section 75.

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