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A Short Tour of Northern Kalborea

The map provided with this gamebook illustrates a small part of the world of Arborell known as Northern Kalborea. To those who live there it is simply known as the Frontier, the dividing line between the lands of the Horde to the north, and the settled regions of Men in the south. All that can be experienced in this story is set within this small, but important, part of the lands of Men.

The Frontier can be divided roughly into three separate geographical regions. In the north lies the Sanhar Wastes, a vast land of cold tundra and endless moss-plains that is home to the creatures of the Horde. In the south lay the farthest reach of human settlement in the world, a lonely region of cold grasslands and scattered areas of thick forest. Between these two regions can be found the barrier that keeps them separate, a range of high mountains known to the lands of Men as the Rift Mountains.

For many centuries these mountains have been the only barrier that has kept the Four Nations of Men and the Tribes of the Horde apart; a natural division with few crossing points and only one easy path through. Stretching from the north-west into the east these mountains extend to the shores of the Grey Sea in the far east and, it is said, are the homes of fell beasts that do not suffer the presence of Men quietly.

At only one point is there a safe passage between the Sanhar Wastes in the north and the lands of Men in the south. It lies at Maenum Pass, a narrow gap in the mountains that has been the only crossing point for the Hordim into the south since the coming of Men into the world. It is here within the dungeons of the frontier fortress at Maenum that this story begins.

From Maenum the lands of men extend into the south. It is upon the South Road from Maenum that a traveller can find the first signs of human habitation. At a small fork in the road can be found a western path to Kal Arbor, then some distance to the south the garrison town of Baellum, a small community that services the local farms and outposts when it is not being used to house troops of the Kalborean Army. Up to the time of this adventure it has been a long time since it has been put to that particular purpose.

A further distance into the south is the large walled town of Miller's Crossing. This is a major centre for commerce on the frontier and plays a significant part in this adventure. Miller's Crossing lies upon the banks of the Laneslem River, the longest river in Arborell which finds its source high in the Rift Mountains in the north-west. At Miller's Crossing it is a fast flowing and treacherous watercourse, but in its travel soon widens into a meandering flow that finds its way eventually to the coast many hundreds of kilometres to the east.

After the bustle of Miller's Crossing there is little further settlement on the South Road until a traveller reaches Das Frontiere, the provincial city, and main administrative centre for the entire region. Beyond Das Frontiere can then be found the more settled regions of the Kalborean Union in the south.

It is at Miller's Crossing that a traveller may also find a junction of the South Road with the West Road. At most nothing more than a rutted wagon track the West Road reaches far into the wilds of the western frontier before meeting with the Provinces of the Faeyen. At the time of this adventure there is little travel between Kalborea and the Faeyen and the road has fallen into disuse.

Upon the western road there is no human settlement for many leagues. A traveller with the courage to undertake the journey will find upon this road the small village of Melem's Fork, and beyond that a lonely trail to the first outposts of the Faeyen in the distant western mountains.

In this western region stand a number of places of interest. To the north of the West Road can be found the Ring of Stones, an enormous circle of standing stones built long before the arrival of Men in the world. To the south of the West Road a traveller will encounter the northern borders of the Faeron Marshes, a wetland of ever-widening meres and bogs whose reach expands with every passing season.

It is in the south-east corner of this map of Northern Kalborea that can be found the farthest extent of the Krodestaag Ranges, the home of the Dwarvendim Stone Kingdoms. It is upon the edge of these ranges that the Devkraager Tor rises. As will be seen in this adventure it is deep within the cold stone of Devkraager Tor that you will find the fortress of Stoneholme, and the object of your quest.

These are the lands within which this adventure is set. Much more on the landscape of the Frontier can be found within the text of this story. I hope you enjoy the journey.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2001 - 2007 All Rights Reserved